Thursday, February 5, 2015

Day 13 My Beach - Benguela

We left "My Beach" and drove some off roads, mountainous gravel roads. With beautiful plant life:

In one place there was a truck stuck on a steep and rocky road. We couldn't pass him so we had to drive backwards to get to another road. Video:

Whenever we saw a road towards the sea we took it, even if it wasn't on the map and we discovered many beautiful landscapes and small settlements:

After that we got onto tar road towards Benguela, mostly dessert, mountains of rocks on the sides of the road, and once in a while we crossed small villages, small houses made mostly of concrete and people selling and growing tomatoes:

We turned off the road and visited a friendly village by the sea, mud houses, or some houses made of branches of trees, most of them with satellite dishes, people walking and carrying wood or water or some food, some fixing motorbikes, kids playing, some asking us if we had a ball for them. Some derelict buildings from Portuguese time .We talked to fisherman and still we didn't find any crayfish nor prawns, they said they will got some for Christmas: Video of the village drive:

There are many of unfinished roads and bridges in Angola, the only cars tat we encountered were trucks driven by chinaman, it looks like the roadworks are closed for Holidays. Those roads that were tarred were absolutely empty:

We drove small gravel roads that leads from the main road towards the see and we found paradise: it's called Praia da Binga. Derelict Portuguese building with two Angolans sitting outside, and a boat in the sea: 

As we drive towards Benguela dessert landscape changes into tropics, some villages on the road, full with palm trees, rivers (with water :):

Just before Benguela there is a holiday resort it's called Praia Azul we had some beer at the bar right on the beach. Lots of construction happening, people building holiday homes.

Rubbish burning outside the towns:

In Benguela we camped in Nancys school of English, thank you very much Nancy for hospitality!

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