Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Day 18 Mucula Beach - Sonaki Camp

We left our beach camp and headed towards Soyo where we will see Congo River. It was 120 km far and took us 6 hours. The roads are bumpy and sandy we were lucky because there haven't been lots of rain otherwise all that would have turned into mud.

Road blocks next to the bridges and cops looking for Boa Festa (bribe), we just pretend we don't understand and drive away :) 

We passed many small villages with very friendly people greeting us with Boa Festa! The road from N'Zeto to Soyo looks like this:

Then we had our first puncture, very big hole in tyre and immediately stopped and changed it.

Next delay was a truck that was fallen over in front of the road and blocked it.

We took detour and saw a sign "restaurante" pointing towards beach, we went there to have a look. When we arrived we saw a brand new camping place with chalets. That was an option for our camp tonight.

In Soyo it took us quite a while to get to Congo River because of the busy streets and many markets. Then we arrived at the Congo River messy dirty and huge. It's a big oil town and you won't see any beauty of the mighty river. So we decided to go to Sumbe tomorrow.
In Soyo lots of people fixing punctures and we chose one place, it costed us 1000 kwanzas (10$).

Soyo city drive and fixing puncture video:

There was a show-off of Soyo city forces, army, police, ambulance, fire brigade:

We found a great camping spot 40mins South of Soyo, next to the beach, brand new place with showers, flushing toilets, electricity. Catering place for the foreign oil workers, we met a guy there at the beach from Venezuela, Joshua had a great conversation. There are many foreigners working for Angolan oil. Today was Christmas Eve.

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