Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Day 12 Acre of Death Campsite - My Beach

Left Acre of Death camping place and drove back on the beach 60 km until outside Tombua and then headed to Namibe. On the way there was a fisherman's house that lies in the middle of the desert and the sea and all of his shacks were made of fish bones:
Namib dessert
In Namibe we filled up with diesel, got some provisions and headed North. The road to and around Pipas Bay is very scenic:

We visited fishing village of Baka. There we saw shacks neighboring 5 star accommodation with luxury motor yachts:

We talked to some locals about the fish. They dry it or sell it fresh here, they also have crab but no crayfish or prawns there.
Video Namibe to Baca:

Then we drove to a spot that is called My Beach. And now is our beach. Nobody here. The whole beach just for us:

My Beach Video:

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