Thursday, February 19, 2015

Day 20 Mucula Beach - Luvaka

This morning we noticed we lost our front number plate after going through all the water yesterday. We decided to go to the city called M'Banza Congo where would be much of a Congo influence. The road was good tar road:

Some roadblocks where policeman was too lazy to open us the road until he finished his soup:

In M'Banza Congo we found out diesel went up from 50 to 60 kwanzas (0.6 USD), so we filled up. On 2 maps we saw that there was road leading to Uige through Madimba but this road was not on Tracks4Africa on our GPS, so we decided to go and check out that road anyways of course :) So we were driving nice gravel road, through the hills, enjoying the tropical scenery.

And then suddenly!!! The road just disappeared….. The wide gravel road just turned into bush and we had to turn back to M'Banza Congo and find another road. 

To get from M'Banza Congo to Uige there are two roads - one that goes through N'Zeto and another that goes North close to the border with DRC and then turns East and then South to Uige. We were told not to take the second one because that could take us days in case of rain. We chose the second one and headed towards Quimba. We could see that there hasn't been any rain for a while because the forest was covered with red dust which hasn't been washed away:

Then we saw van stuck  on the middle of the road, we pulled him out. We drove until it got dark and we were looking for a place to camp. 

This was different from the previous days in Angola where you can pull over and camp next to the beach. The only thing here is rainforest and villages. So we had to find a place to sleep in a village. We were not very happy with this idea because it was festive time and lots of people were drunk and asked us money and whiskey. But we had no choice. So we got until village Luvaka and asked for a chief of town. We had to speak to 6 different people to be able to camp. Police came, checked us out. At the end camped ourselves outside municipal building. We found out that we can not continue driving to Uige because the bridge was broken few km down the road. So we had to turn back to M'Banza Congo tomorrow. Night was tuff as there was disco nearby blasting music on full. After the disco a crazy woman was screaming for hours…

Our campsite

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