Monday, February 23, 2015

Day 27 Mossulo - Ilha de Luanda

This was our last day on Mossulo island in Luanda... We knew we had to leave today and atmosphere was sad, because we made very good friendships. We went for a coffee to the nearby resort with Ana Goerge:

And after the lunch we had to leave which was very sad moment... But we knew we will meet people that we met on Mossulo again for sure! So we were on the boat to back to Luanda... When we got to our car we saw we had a puncture:

So we fixed the problem and were on our way to Yacht Club in Luanda where we knew it was possible to camp. From the yacht club you can see skyscrapers mushrooming over Luanda:

We walked to Ilha which is where Luandas Creme de la Creme goes. We went to the restaurant called Cais De Quatro for a drink and decided instead of having main course that costs 60 USD to go for a hamburger on the promenade :) Which turned out to be the best hamburger we EVER HAD! two types of ham, two cheeses, eggs, salads, tomatoes, onions, potato sticks, sauces, you name it! For. But it was absolutely delicious and full of happy locals eating dancing and drinking to the music blasting from boom-boxes :) We knew we made a good choice :)

We went back to our campsite at Yacht Club and we had not the best nights sleep because of the loud music from nearby bars and restaurants..... 
Our Campsite at Yacht Club in Luanda
Yacht Club Video:

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