Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Day 14 15 16 Benguela - Cabo Ledo

Today we left Benguela. It is a very beautiful city by the beach, the main streets are very modern, lots of supermarkets, beautiful and freshly painted big houses, restaurants and bars. Full of trees and flowers. We of course drove some back roads, went to buy some food from locals: 

After Benguela we went to Lobito which is another big city just about 30 km North of Benguela, its quite similar to Benguela, but bigger. Peninsula called Ilha is where lots of bars and restaurants are located, Zulu restaurant is known because you can camp next to it on the beach and use their showers and toilets.

Suburbs of Lobito:

Lobito markets:

After Lobito starts tropical climate, very very green and loots of trees:

Roadside market:

They will fix your puncture anywhere in Angola:

And car wrecks:

We went through some seaside villages, fisherman selling fish and MPLA party's party:)

Cubal River Gorge:

In every medium sized town in Angola you can see pink and yellow hotels being built by chinese workers:

Then we turned inland to visit Binga waterfalls, quite impressive with Portuguese bridge in ruins. 

Roadside village:

Some tanks on the side of the road:

In the evening we got until Cabo Ledo and looked for camping. There were 2 possibilities - one at the surf beach and the other - in resort which was few kilometers down the road. We looked at the surf spot which was fine and decided to look at the resort as well. So we drove to resort and asked the owner if it was possible to camp there, but he said it wasn't, there were no camping facilities, only rooms to stay. So we turned around to leave. And then he looked at our car and changed his mind and let us camp in a car park with a use of a shower and bathroom:

The owner of the resort has travelled all over Africa on his motorbike so he was interested in our stories. And so we were his guests for the night! We quickly changed and showered and met at the beach bar for caipirinhas. After that we went to his restaurant and had starters, crayfish and other seafood with rice, typical Angolan dish for main course.

Red Portuguese wine, desserts, coffees and brandies after that. Very enjoyable evening with our host Dio!

We got to bed late. Next day had breakfast, did some washing, laid by the pool, went swimming into the sea, went for a walk to other resorts. Had dinner again. And the day after did the same. So we stayed there 3 nights:)

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