Thursday, February 19, 2015

Day 19 Sonaki Camp - Mucula Beach

We drove to Soyo to fill up with diesel. And after that we headed to the Congo River more inland. The road towards Sumbe near Congo River is red sand, dense bush on the sides, twos poor road and humidity 80 percent at 8 o'clock in the morning. In few places the road was very good, chinese been there with a grader :) Sumbe is a small village with a petrol station, we asked old man directions to Benza village which turned out to be even smaller twospoor road.

Congo River in Sumbe:

In Benza village there are few houses and bars with load music everywhere. It was Christmas and there were parties everywhere from 7 o'clock in the morning.

Road to Benza:

After Benza we headed towards Pedra do Feitico. The road became even smaller, with lots of water. Small decorated villages with people partying, we had to lift decorations to get through. Then we arrived to Pedra do Feitico after driving 40 kilometres which took us an hour and a half. There we were on the banks of the Congo River, people in dugout canoes, fisherman complaining that no fish left in the river.

We had to had a conversation with a chief of police and administrator of the region, to welcome us to the region as no foreigners get until here, it's a dead end and only pedestrians can cross into city of Boma in DRC in a boat. They gave us an official peace of paper saying that if we have any problems the chief is taking care of us.

Congo River opposite side city of Boma, DRC

After that same way back to Benza and then another tiny road towards Quelo through partying villages and shouting Boa Festa! Some kids pointed to us and said Chinese!!! :)
There were some signs warning mines were around:

And tanks:

We got back to our beach camp where we stayed 2 nights ago because there were no other place to camp, just villages around and party people :) We arrived just after dark, set up camp, cooked some dinner, few glasses of wine and to bed.
Road to the beach through villages:

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