Thursday, February 26, 2015

Day 29 Tombo - Pedras Negras

We have done the whole coastal side of Angola and now it's time to move inland. So we are heading towards Calandula waterfalls. We had to drive back to Luanda ring road because the road to Tombo nursery is a one way road for 35 km. Our road led us to village called Dondo. On the way there was a major accident - the passenger bus drove off the road - we saw helicopters landing and many ambulance cars passed us.


Halway to Dondo the road was good tar, but after that... UUHH... Must have been the worst road we drove in Angola! Potholes, pothoes and potholes! Every few dozen metres a big pothole. 65 kilometers took us ages to drive and we needed a lot of patience. The road was divided by concrete blocks to prevent driving on the other side, so you couldn't drive around the potholes:

Anyway the blocks didn't help much as everyone chose whichever lane they preferred. Here is the video of the road:

And some got into trouble with police for driving on the wrong side:

What we saw was very sad - big baobabs being destroyed with excavators:

We drove through the Dondo town which lies on the banks of the Kwanza river:

Dondo Citydrive video:

After Dondo we headed South, we crossed Kwanza river, some truck in the bush:

The road is very beautiful, scenic green bush:

55 km South of Dondo we turned East and we got to the village called Calulo. What a great surprise it was! Apart of derelict buildings left form Portuguese time, there were new apartment blocks, functioning library, church, decent guesthouse and restaurant, and good hair saloons :D

After Calulo the road turned North and we went to see a coffee plantation where it would be possible to camp, there was also restaurant and hotel. We talked to the security guy and he said the boss wasn't there and it wasn't possible to stay there so we turned back. The drive to the coffee farm was very beautiful:

So we continued our drive North. The road became smaller and smaller and we were hoping it won't disappear, as it used to happen to us before :)

Finally we made it to Kwanza river (again) and saw some nice rapids there:

From there we drove to the place called Pedras Negras, the road was new tar rad with no cars. We arrived at Pedras Negras and found a great campside on the rocks with full moon:

Us looking for a campsite:
Travel Map

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