Saturday, February 14, 2015

Day 17 Cabo Ledo - Mucula Beach

After 3 days of being spoiled we left Cabo Ledo and were on the road again! We passed Kwanza river, there was a toll 210 kwanzas (2.10 US$) and rusting tanks next to the bridge from the war.

We headed towards Luanda and we decided not to stay in Luanda but to take a ring road and drive North towards Congo River. On the road, markets come to you and for about 70 km our scenery was the following:

Shacks, rubbish, burning:

And new buildings and chinese signs:

The weather is very humid here and hot. From Luanda to N'Zeto is very good tar road.
Barra do Dande village:

And some roadblocks:

We camped 70 km outside of N'Zeto near the beach by the fishing village

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