Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Day 28 Ilha de Luanda - Tombo

In the morning we took a drive on Ilha de Luanda where there are the top restaurants, hotels and clubs of Luanda:

And then drove around centre of Luanda, growing skyscrapers side to side with many portuguese style buildings left form the old times: Many new shops, office and apartment buildings.

Soon after the scenery turned into mountains of rubbish and sewerage, giant potholes and you forgot that 5 minutes ago you've been into a 21st century modern capital :)

When we got out of Luanda we went to see the Shipwreck beach (also called Kar Marx beach named after the largest shipwreck), there are couple of dozens of shipwrecks rusting on the beach, its quite impressive scenery:

Then we headed back to Luanda ring road and decided to try to find a camping that we read about in the Bradt guide... It is called Tombo nursery and is by the Kwanza river. The road was sandy and bumpy and we hoped the camping will be still there as that was our only option. 

Arrived at the Tombo nursery we were looking for SeƱor Helder to ask him if we could camp at his plant farm. He wasn't there but we were allowed to camp.
Tombo Nursery video:

That was a great spot, few metres from the river! We went for a walk:

And our campsite:

Preparing lunch for the next day:

Coleman multi fuel cooker:

Our guest this night:

Travel Map

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