Friday, February 20, 2015

Day 22 Ambriz - Mussulo

This day turned to be probably our luckiest day of the whole trip! In the morning we had great breakfast, coffee, had a real shower! And went to town Musserra because Senior Antonio had to go there for some business, so we followed his truck:

When we went back to their home, and were about to leave and head towards Luanda,  when our hosts insisted we should stay for a lunch and leave after… We had crayfish with homemade mayonnaise for starter and meat for lunch:

During the lunch we were invited to stay in Luanda with Mr Antonio and his family, in Mussulo the island close to Luanda! To spend New Year with them! So after the lunch we drove to Luanda together! Lots of fun with Ana George in the car :)))

We went to the port, parked our car, disconnected the fridge, took some clothes and went to embark:

Arrived at the house which was few metres from the sea:

We had our own room with air conditioner:)
Dinner with Antonio's family and Mr Xico and his family, who lives next door, the table grew bigger and bigger!

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