Thursday, February 19, 2015

Day 21 Luvaka - Ambriz

We woke up 5 am and were on the road. We drove towards the broken bridge but we didn't get to it as it started to rain few drops so we were worried about the road condition as we had a long way till M'Banza Congo. 

So we headed to N'Zeto and then South towards Luanda. Had some delicious road food: peru (turkey): At the markets people are very friendly and loves to chat with you:)

We went to Turtle beach, spree beautiful place, but we didn't camp there because it was too early:

We drove to Ambriz, some places there was lots of water on road:

We got to the place called "deserted beach" on our tracks for Africa:

And there! We went for a swim, relaxed and were thinking about camping on the beach. And we were so lucky! Because we met Portuguese people and were invited to their house to camp! There was Mr Antonio and his wife Florinda that live in Ambriz and another Mr Antonio with his family - wife Antonieta and daughter Ana George that came to visit them but they live in Luanda! And! We were invited for dinner as well! We were very happy for the invite! So we drove to their house and after that we drove all together to a nearby lake to see flamingos. At the lake the bridge was broken:

So we turned back and saw minibus stuck on the side of the road, Stephane pulled them out, here is the video:

Then we went back to the house and had fantastic dinner. Missis Florinda was preparing chorizo:

Two misters Antonio's who invited us:

After long and delicious dinner we went to bed... We felt spoiled and happy :)))
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