Friday, December 12, 2014

Day 1 Big Bay - Niewoudtville

So! This is our first day of traveling. We woke up early to pack the last bits, and this is how our truck looks like:

In back drawers we keep clothes and toiletries:

and kitchen utensils

This is our fridge, for cold drinks and food

The back of the truck was almost fully packed, we took out one seat, so there's more space for some more food, wood for braai, more drinks and other things. 

In Sinty's door she keeps maps and books and in the middle console we put our phones, usb chargers and more maps.

On the top of the car we installed GoPro camera. 

After last packing we left around 12:30. And the car felt very heavy.....

This is how we look in the car:

First 160 km we did on tar road on N7:

Picketberg town was deserted as it was Sunday. No shops were open, even petrol station was closed. Only some random hitch hikers and yellow plains.

When we get hungry here comes lunch on the go:

Then the road (finally:)) turned to gravel and our Gravel-Travel-Tour started!!!

In Trawal we had the best biltong/droewors! mmmmm....   yummy!!! it's really tasty!

We went through Vanrhynsdorp pass - very spectacular place! We got there before the sunset so the colours and scenery was at its best!

After the pass we turned off the main road. The time was to start thinking about finding a campsite. So the first campsite we drove to leaded through the forest and sandy and rough road for about 10 km. At the end we found out that the camp isn't there, there were just some buildings under construction, probably supposed to be some kind of bungalows in the future. We left to find another - better campsite.

In Niewoudtville we found very nice camping, full of sheep and cows, there were only us staying. We had hot water, place for braai, toilet, showers and electricity. Pork with jacket potatoes and onion and tomato-cucumber salad on the menu tonight.

Today we drove 355 km and spent 6 h on the road. Travel Map

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