Monday, December 29, 2014

Day 8 Windhoek - Ondangwa

Now we heading towards Angola, we decided no deviations this time. We passed the town of Okahandja where they have a super biltong shop.

As we drive more North it gets greener and greener, more trees and green grass, and hot.

Soon after that we were stopped at the police checkpoint: where you coming from? Where you going to? Car papers? Insurance papers? And then another police checkpoint in Oshivelo and some more as you go North. Getting closer to Ondangwa scenery becomes more lively: lots of bars on the side of the road and people selling things, we went to one bar for a drink. Very friendly people. SWAPO flags on every house here:

And huge termite houses:

We camped at Ondangwa, pretty nice place and with security guys asking for money ghhh :)

Travel Map

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