Sunday, December 28, 2014

Day 6 Kgalagadi - Windhoek

Today we spent half a day in the Khalaghadi Transfrontier Park park, cheetah under the tree ;)

Then we left for Windhoek. We had to find a place to buy 2 diesel jerrycans and fix the tent (the part that is holding awning is broken). We drove the whole day on the beautiful Namibian roads.

It was getting late and sun was going to set when we still haven't found any camping spot. There were no towns around, just farmlands, for hundreds and hundreds of kilometres. It wasn't possible even to bushcamp because the only thing that was there was the highway and fenced farmlands. We decided to go straight to Windhoek even if it was getting late and dark and it was still a long way. Deserted highway and some warthogs crossing the road. We arrived in Windhoek very hungry and tired. Found a great campsite called Urbancamp. We set up our tent and decided to go out for a quick bite. There was a hotel/restaurant close to where we stayed and we decided to go for the closest and easiest way. The place was called Roof of Africa. We ordered beef livers with pan (kind of maize polenta style dish) with spinach with sand! The service was very slow and we super hungry... The food was good, we even enjoyed the sand chewing part :)

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