Monday, December 29, 2014

Day 7 Windhoek

This was our holiday within holiday day. We spent 2 nights in Urbancamp in Windhoek city. We bought jerrycans for the diesel at Cymot shop. We were lucky they were on sale so we got 2 for 560 Namibian dollars instead of 840. Also we fixed the tent at Bushwackers, the guys were very helpful and gave us the broken part for free, thank you a lot! We did some food shopping and updating the blog. There is a good wifi at the camping and it was the first place we found internet connection since we left Cape Town.
Spent the day doing things at camping: Stephane was spraying jerrycans and Sinty updating the blog. In the evening we went to Joe's Beerhouse, that's the place where everyone goes when they are in Windhoek. And where the house wine is Jagermeister:

Here is the copy of the menu

We chose Namib Bush Fire - springbok loin chop, kudu and oryx fillets:

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