Monday, December 29, 2014

Day 9 Ondangwa - Humpata, Angola

Today we going to Angola! We woke up and at six o'clock the security guy woke us up and stood at the bottom of the tent. What a privacy! He wanted some money for securing us during the night, HA! We made our morning coffee, made our tent took a shower and hit the border!

On the Angolan border things went pretty smoothly with a little help from a runner. We did all our paperwork ourselves and he just pointed to which direction we should go, there are many different offices and they are all over the place.

Here is what was necessary to enter Angola:
Passport with Angolan visa issued in your country of residence.

Papers for the car:
1) Copy of car registration number
2) Certified copy of drivers license
3) Copy of Motor vehicle registration
4) If the vehicle is not yours than you need a letter from the car owner stating you are allowed to take it out of country
5) Copy of police clearance certificate (which we didn't have and that didn't seem to bother them)
6) Color photograph of your car (front, back and 1 side)
7) Copy of your passport and entry stamp (just for the driver).

For the last two we had to go back to Namibia, take a photos of the car, print out, and come back to Angolan immigration again. Then we had to pay temporary import license, you can pay by credit card or kwanzas. That costs 6336 Angolan kwanzas. After 2 hours running from one building to another and going through customs where we had a small search we were finally in Angola!

First thing you notice when you enter Angola are the good roads and the cars are left hand drive driving on the right side. People selling lots of stuff on the sides of the streets, lots of cows and goats crossing the road, lots of baobabs. There are some tanks from guerrilla war on the sides of the road.

We crossed the river of Kunene, it was huge:

And Sinty fixing GoPro Camera:)

In every town there were huge queues at the ATMs so we didn't want to loose time there and headed to Lubango. Money shortages are very common there.

You can see lots of kids swimming and enjoying the water:

Arrived in Lubango, we took out some money in ATM, we struggled a bit, because lots of them do not have money and maximum amount you can take out is 20000 AOA, after that you must go to another ATM. We filled diesel for 50 AOA a per litre (0.39€ or ZAR5.5). We went up to Cristo Rei statue, which welcomed us with open arms:)

We camped at the farm outside Lubango in Humpata. The owner is from Namibia who moved to Angola and set up a camping on the farm with ablutions and 6 camping plots.

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