Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Day 10 Humpata - Flamingo Lodge

In the morning we went to Dorslanders memorial through little path going up there.

Here is a video clip of the road:

The next stop was Tundavala gorge which has 1 km drop. During the war deserters and political opponents were shot or forced to jump over the edge.

Video here:

After that we headed towards Namibe and that led us to Serra da Leba pass. Breathtaking views from the top, and the drop of 1000 metres:

On the road you see lots of cars left behind after accidents, rusting away. People sell watermelons, eggs, melons etc. on the sides of the road.

From the lush green plains, green scenery with lots of waterfalls in an hours drive we were in a Namib desert - broken cars and rusting car wrecks.

We got to the town of Namibe where we filled up with diesel and bought some fruit on the sides of the road:

City of Namibe Video:

The way to Flamingo Lodge is on tar road and the last 23 km in the desert on sand in the dry riverbed

many Welwitschia plants which grow only few millimetres per year, they can stay dormant for hundreds of years and grow when there is a rain.

Then in the middle of dessert we came over a little hill and we saw a car stuck in the sand there, 2 guys in Landcruiser Prado they were stuck there for 3 hours. They were very lucky because we helped them to get out:)


Arrived at Flamingo lodge we set up our camp saw a jackal passing buy and went to take a rest early.
Travel Map

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