Saturday, December 13, 2014

Day 3 Kleinbegin camp - Mata Mata

This morning we deflated tires to 2 bars because we are going to travel lots of gravel roads from now on. It's already very hot in the morning. We leave our camp and travel on straight yellow green Namibian roads

We met some kudu, goat and sheep here and there. We saw big black snake straight on the road standing up, it looked like a cobra, we thought we drove over it! So we went back to see if it was still alive, yes it was good, and moved slowly. It was quite big more than one meter in length. We didn't bother ourselves to measure it :) This is how it looks, anyone has any idea what kind of snake it is?

The road became curly and mountainous, lots of squirrels and kokerboom trees, and big nests in the trees. In few hours the ground became more sandy, red sand. It's a real sauna outside.

We got to a tiny village of Koes:

Went for a cold drink, outside was 43 Celsius. The town has petrol station, a shop, hotel and a coffee shop. Only few people live in the town.

There was also nice camping, but it was too early to stop and we headed towards Kalahari camp site. At one of the campings near Kalahari game lodge, after a conversation with a campsite owner we decided to go Kgalagadi Transfrontier game park. Usually it is very hard to get in there because you need to book lodging for at least 2 days in the park, which you have to do long time in advance, it is fully booked all year around. So we decided to try our luck. The park lies in South Africa next to Namibian and Botswana borders. Arriving at Mata Mata border post we found out that we can get into park and do not have to enter South Africa i.e. just exit Namibia. The officer asked if we had a booking reservation, we said that we didn't, and he said just go over the border and ask at the park office which was few meters away. We were very lucky to get 2 last places in a camp spots for the following 2 nights!!! We left the border post and drove few kilometres to camp.

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