Monday, March 16, 2015

Day 41 Sosusvlei - Aus

We woke up early today because we went to see red dunes. It is about 65 km drive in the national park, the morning scenery was brilliant:

As we drove the first dunes started to appear:

We arrived to the place where everyone goes p the Big Daddy dune, we were not planning to do any hike, just to go for a walk, so we put our runners and off we went. Its quite a touristy and busy place, lots of tourists on the busses. We wanted to hike up this dune:

So we were on our hike and only thing we had was our camera:)

So on the top of the first dune most of the people go down to the vlei and it's quite of fun watching them sinking down the sand:

We decided not to go down here but to continue and walked the slope further on, very fun to walk on the sand with no path:)

After we have done such a good job of walking those dunes we decided to continue and go on top of the Big Daddy Dune which is the highest dune in Sosusvlei - 325 m high. So we were on our way! We just wanted to get on top of it and not to think how thirsty we were in this heat because we didn't take any water with us :D And it was a hard job! We were sinking which made us more and more tired and our pace slower, but we had fun! And spectacular views! This is Big daddy dune:

And we made it, red dunes and our red faces :D We met an elderly lady with her guide sitting on top of the dune and the guide told to us: "For your great work I have a present for you!" And he takes out of his bag bottle of cold water for us! oooowwww that was the best drink we ever had :D So we enjoyed the views sat down for a while.

And then the real fun part started - going down! You just sink'n'slide in the sand and hear the roaring of the sand!

And looking back up the dune:

And shoes and socks full of sand :D

Down the dune we were on the vlei and walked it back to the other side:

Video of dune walking:

Went back to the car, and then drove back to the campsite to take a shower:) After that we were on our way South again. We got to the town called Aus and camped there:

Travel Map

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