Thursday, March 12, 2015

Day 37 Epupa Falls - Bush Camp on Hoarusib River

Our campsite in the morning near Kunene River:

Epupa falls:

Some more Himba villages:

Soon we were on the gravel road to Opuwo:

We passed some villages:

Here some Himba women under the tree. Sometime you can see that Himba women wear traditional clothing, some of them - western clothes:

Happy Himba Truck:

And here we come! Opuwo:

This was absolutely amazing town! It feels like a show! The population consists of Himba and Herero people. Herero people lives mostly in Namibia, but also in Botswana and Angola. Their traditional dress - victorian style and horn shaped headwear. So very surreal town:) Here some pictures of people:

From Opuwo we turned West towards Hoarusib River where dessert elephants live. It is about 85 km drive and our road for the next two days is gonna be riverbed. 

At the beginning the riverbed was sandy for a while:

And it became more rocky and mountains grew higher and higher on the sides, and the road - winding.

And sandy again in few places:

Hoarusib River drive video:

It was getting late and we started to look for a campsite and we found a brilliant spot on the top of the hill with spectacular views:

T-Bone steak and Cuca for dinner :)

After dinner we went to bed and heard few raindrops... Later in the middle of the night we woke up because of the pouring rain. It was raining waterfalls! And big lightning and thunder. We were on top of the hill, no shelter, no trees around. We started to count how far the lightning was. 8 seconds, 7 seconds, 6 seconds. After a while we thought thats OK and went to sleep. Not long after we were woken up by extremely bright light before our eyes and followed by load thunder which was very close to us! So we went out of the tent and waited for few minutes until the lightning moved further away. We went to bed again and were a bit worried if the tracks would be visible the next day and if the river wont be flooded by flash floods.

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