Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Day 31 Waku Kungo - Lobito

We left Waku Kungo and Headed to Huambo. Just before Huambo we found a great camping spot, near Chipipa. What a surprise :) It all looked new and very tidy. It was a pity we came across it too early in the day, would be a perfect camping place:

In Huambo we didn't spend much time, we were looking for a Toyota Center because we had to buy headlight bulb, so we drove around the city looking for it. Finally we found Toyota dealer and the bulb was 6500 kwanzas! 65 US$!!! In Cape Town it costs 60 Rand (5US$) We had no choice. The city is very nice, lots of new buildings, very green and many derelict buildings with bullet holes form the war:

From Huambo we headed back to the coast again, rain-forests and greenery changed into dessert again.

Passed some villages that suffered from the war, many buildings with bullet holes:

We camped in Lobito at Zulu Restaurant campsite right on the beach, we had water, showers, bathroom. Travelers are allowed to camp there for free :)

Travel Map

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