Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Day 33 Binga Bay - Namib Dessert bushcamp

We woke up in this beautiful beach spot, went for a swim, and we were off to explore some roads that are not on the map. We drove to some coastal villages, spectacular road and scenery! Very basic villages, just few shacks and boats and the best view:)

After the village called Lucira there is tar road to Namibe, Lucira is very well kept village, clean and tidy, it has tar road, bank, running bus, even basketball field.

We drove to the city Namibe, had some beer on the beach. The bear in portuguese bars/restaurant costs twice the price than in Angolan place. The same about food. You can buy starter for 300-400 kwanzas or can eat in Angolan run place. We chose Angolan place, it was very nice, full of people. We had very delicious, fresh fish with beans rice and super hot'n'spicy peri peri sauce! It costed 500 kwanzas (5US$) and was enough for two to share:

This is very cool shower design in Namibe:)

Then we did some sand driving alongside the beach South of Namibe

And bushcamped right on the beach, there are many whale bones alongside the beach:

Had some chicken for dinner:

And while having dinner we had some guests! Jackals! Some of them were too brave and came very close :0

Travel Map

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