Thursday, March 5, 2015

Day 35 Humpata - Kunene River Lodge, Namibia

This was our last day in Angola. We decided to cross border at Ruacana instead of Santa Clara. We bought some last Cuca beers that was our souvenir from Angola:)  We drove until Xangongo and there we turned to the right to go to Ruacana. We drove through some small villages:

Crossed many dry riverbeds. Some with bridges, some without:

And we could see beautiful Namibian sky:

We were entering himba country. The scenery:

At Ruacana borderpost we were the only people crossing border. There hasn't been anybody crossing the border in 2 days! So the passport officer took his time examining our passports and telling us that our South African visa (for 2013!!!) has expired :D We told him that we are entering Namibia and not South Africa and that we have South African visa for 2015 :D Hungry police officer asked where is our fridge and meat, we showed the fridge and told we are vegetarians :) So we were into Namibia and nobody asked us for tax (220 Nam$), so we had tax slip from previous time we entered Namibia in Mata Mata :)

We drove to Kunene River Lodge. Very nice camping spot. Our Angola trip was over and we were back to Namibia.

Travel Map

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