Thursday, March 12, 2015

Day 38 Bushcamp on Hoarusib River - Sesfontein

After the stormy night we were impatient to see what the situation on the river and road was. And! The ground was absolutely dry and we could even see our last nights tracks and there was no rain in the river. So we continued our road in riverbed to town Puros looking for wild elephants. Some spectacular views of the mountains:

Video of the beautiful morning drive:

And somewhere near Puros we saw our first animal:

After Puros we continued the drive in riverbed but then we turned off South. Some castle formations in the rocks:

And after that dessert drive for a while. Very corrugated road it was. But beautiful:)

After dessert we joined Hoanib river and continued our drive in riverbed once again. And as soon as we joined Hoanib river we stared meeting animals. We saw lots of gemsbok in a shade tree:


And then! Finally we saw our first desert elephants:

The scenery of Hoanib River:

Almost at the end of the river we saw a mother and a calf:

These elephants are very wild, they are not used to see human and cars like in national parks, so they are very aware of their territory and this mother made some roaring noises to warn us who is the boss here. So we just parked the car in a distance and were watching them. In a few minutes they started coming out of the bush! In the front of us there we could see six of them, one came out of the bush just in front of the car and then one biggy was at the back of our car.

Hoasib River Video:

We were sitting in our track and not making a single noise. After this adventure we went to see deserted village called Elephant Song Village that was deserted because of the lions. There used to be campsite there with stunning view:

From there we went to Sesfontein on a road of VERY VERY fine dust! If the breeze came from the back, we would have o stop the car and wait for the dust to settle, because it wasn't possible to see even a single meter in front!

Then we arrived to Sesfontein:

And our house tonight:

And dinner:
Travel Map

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