Thursday, March 5, 2015

Day 34 Namib Dessert bushcamp - Humpata

In the morning we drove to Flamingo Lodge for a coffee, on the road we met Chanel (the girl from Flamingo Lodge who we met when we were first time there)! At Flamingo Lodge had a great chat with Matthew. There we met another traveller Trevor who drove from Europe and crossed the whole West Africa and we had very interesting conversations! He told us how he drove through Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, DR Congo. He has a great blog:

On the way back to Namibe we took coastal sand drive rather than highway and there were some high dunes that was on our way so we had to find a way to overcome them, we couldn't allow ourselves to get stuck because we have one vehicle and there won't be anyone to get us out :)

 Atlantic Ocean:

Typical fisherman's house:

The drive on the coast to Flamingo Lodge:

After Flamingo Lodge we drove back to Namibe and towards Lubango. Back on "real" road :)

Did Serra da Leba pass and we camped in Humpata camping on the farm where we had great chat with the owner that we met on our first night in Angola. This was our last night in Angola, we going back to Namibia tomorrow. Our camping:

Time for washing :)

And dog without a head :)
Travel Map

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