Monday, March 9, 2015

Day 36 Kunene River Lodge - Epupa Falls

In Kunene River Lodge we went for a boat trip to see crocodiles!

And we did see one!

And big lizard, it was about 1 m long:

Himba woman with child on her back:

Kunene River Lodge:

The road to Epupa Falls is rocky and hilly, we had to cross dry riverbeds, some himba people on the sides of the road, kids asking for sweets:) There hasn't been rain for few months so we had no problems with crossing rivers. The road was absolutely dry. In the morning at the lodge we were told this road would take us 9 hours, it took us four. It is a very scenic drive alongside the river, 95 km long. The road wasn't always straight so the truck was leaning like this sometimes:

Kunene River. We stopped on the road once in a while and were hoping to see a crocodile:)

Here is the video of the road:

Himba people are indigenous to this area by the Kunene River. They are nomadic people and we could see many houses they left behind due to moving to another place. They breed cattle, goat. Himba people wear their traditional dress and cover themselves with a paste made from butter and herbs that protect them from the heat.
Himba Villages:

We camped at Epupa Falls right next to the river:
The chef at work:

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