Monday, March 16, 2015

Angola Trip Summary

We travelled from Cape Town through Namibia into Angola till the Congo River for 44 days.
We drove 13 730 km.
We used 2279 litres of beer ... oops sorry diesel:).

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Day 44 Clanwilliam - Back Home!!!

This was our last day of the trip and we went slowly home... Enjoying South African scenery:)

We tried to take as much gravel roads as we could:

And in the afternoon we were home! And spectacular sunset that night.

Day 43 Orange River - Clanwilliam

In the morning we crossed back into South Africa. We decided not to go straight to Cape Town but to spend an extra night camping near Clanwilliam in the Lemon Farm. So we took small backroads to get there. Our campsite was fantastic spot!
Travel Map

Day 42 Aus - Orange River

Today we travelled South to Richtersveld:

We were close to South African border by the Orange river that divides Namibia and South Africa.

We camped in Amanzi River Camp right next to the Orange River, had a swim.... lovely!....

Travel Map

Day 41 Sosusvlei - Aus

We woke up early today because we went to see red dunes. It is about 65 km drive in the national park, the morning scenery was brilliant:

As we drove the first dunes started to appear:

We arrived to the place where everyone goes p the Big Daddy dune, we were not planning to do any hike, just to go for a walk, so we put our runners and off we went. Its quite a touristy and busy place, lots of tourists on the busses. We wanted to hike up this dune:

So we were on our hike and only thing we had was our camera:)

So on the top of the first dune most of the people go down to the vlei and it's quite of fun watching them sinking down the sand:

We decided not to go down here but to continue and walked the slope further on, very fun to walk on the sand with no path:)

After we have done such a good job of walking those dunes we decided to continue and go on top of the Big Daddy Dune which is the highest dune in Sosusvlei - 325 m high. So we were on our way! We just wanted to get on top of it and not to think how thirsty we were in this heat because we didn't take any water with us :D And it was a hard job! We were sinking which made us more and more tired and our pace slower, but we had fun! And spectacular views! This is Big daddy dune:

And we made it, red dunes and our red faces :D We met an elderly lady with her guide sitting on top of the dune and the guide told to us: "For your great work I have a present for you!" And he takes out of his bag bottle of cold water for us! oooowwww that was the best drink we ever had :D So we enjoyed the views sat down for a while.

And then the real fun part started - going down! You just sink'n'slide in the sand and hear the roaring of the sand!

And looking back up the dune:

And shoes and socks full of sand :D

Down the dune we were on the vlei and walked it back to the other side:

Video of dune walking:

Went back to the car, and then drove back to the campsite to take a shower:) After that we were on our way South again. We got to the town called Aus and camped there:

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Day 40 Swakopmund - Sosusvlei

We drove to Walvis Bay and from there followed the road inland till small settlement called Solitaire. The roads absolutely empty... And there in Solitaire in the middle of dessert you can have an apple tart! :)

From there we followed South:

We went to Namib - Naukluft national park which is famous of its red dunes, we arrived at Sesriem and went for a walk down to canyon:

We got a camping at Sesriem campsite and went for a small drive to some closest Dunes for a sunset:

Back at the campsite we had a guest!

Travel Map

Day 39 Sesfontein - Swakopmund

From Sesfontein we were heading South on gravel roads. Some Kudus on the way:

And giraffes on the middle of the road:

Few kilometres from Bergsig village we turned off to a smaller 4x4 road:

And for the next half of the day the scenery was absolutely stunning, it is called Desolation Valley. The road was winy:

And we saw some more dessert elephants!

After a while the road took us into the mountains:

There was a campsite in the mountains called Rhino Campsite, and soon after that we came onto gravel road in the dessert towards the sea:

Lots of mirages:

We joined salt paved road C34 at fishing mile 100. Salt roads are made of concentrated salt and some gypsum rich material, they are near Atlantic Ocean within a mist zone. Great and smooth driving!

Short video of salt road driving:

In Henties Bay we went for a beer.

Henties Bay citydrive video:

Then we continued our drive to Swakopmund. That is town with lots of hotels, resorts, restaurants. Most of the population are Germans, so you can see German architecture, bakeries, supermarkets, restaurants etc. You would never believe you are in Africa (maybe only palm trees deceive)! So we went for a campsite, and then to have some oysters:

Some seafood:

Swakopmund citydrive video:

Travel Map